2012 Country Radio Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Posted by admin on October 24, 2011

2012 Country Radio Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

October 24, 2011 at 5:45 PM

Congratulations to WSM's Eddie Stubbs and Bill Whyte on their induction into the 2012 Country Radio Hall of Fame! Read about it below:

Beverlee Brannigan, Ron Rogers and Rusty Walker are the 2012 Radio category inductees, and Moby, Eddie Stubbs and Bill Whyte are the On-Air category inductees.  The class of 2012 will be officially inducted at a dinner ceremony on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012, at 6 p.m. CST inside the Nashville Convention Center.

The Country Radio Hall of Fame dinner and induction ceremony unofficially kicks off Country Radio Seminar each year.  Lucchese Boots is a proud sponsor of the 2012 Country Radio Hall of Fame and will be providing each inductee this year with a custom made pair of Lucchese Boots. 

The Country Radio Hall of Fame is dedicated to the recognition of those individuals who have made significant contributions to the radio industry over a 20-year period, 15 of which must be in the Country format.  CRS 2012 is held Feb. 22-24, 2012, at the Nashville Convention Center.  Visit for more information about CRS and the Country Radio Hall of Fame.

About the 2012 Radio Inductees:

Beverlee Brannigan –
Beverlee Brannigan’s career began at the college radio station at Northwestern University.  She joined WOKQ as an air personality, and in 1979 became the Program Director/personality for KJJY, where she enjoyed tremendous success for the next 20 years.  Brannigan also programmed stations KRUU, KHKI and KMXM.  Since 2003, she has served as Operations Manager for six stations in Wichita and Program Director for three, including market leader KFDI, which won CMA Station of the Year in 2003.  Brannigan is widely considered by the industry to be a trailblazer for women in Country Radio programming.

Ron Rogers –
Ron Rogers began his broadcasting career at KTBC AM-FM-TV while a student at the University of Texas.  His lengthy career spans the entire spectrum of the radio business.  He has held positions as Program Director at WACO, Sales Manager at KNOW, General Manager at KOKE, and President/Co-Owner at KLAW, KVET and KASE.  He has served on numerous industry and community boards and is the recipient of several broadcasting and community awards.  He was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2004.

Rusty Walker –
Rusty Walker has either programmed, advised, created, consulted, overseen, served as a strategic partner or performed as an air personality for more than 750 Country radio stations since he started his radio career in 1970.  In total, there are fewer Country stations in rated markets that Walker hasn’t worked with than those he has.  A few of his personality and Program Director stints include: WQYK, WQIK, WZZK and KFKF.  He has been recognized with numerous national industry and community awards, including a seven-year consecutive run as Billboard’s Consultant of the Year.  His program consulting firm, Rusty Walker Programming, remains one of the industry’s most influential.

About the 2012 On-Air Inductees:

Moby – Moby is a 40-year veteran air personality whose career began at the age of 15 in his hometown of Crossville, Tenn.  For 10 years, he was a major force in the Rock format every morning in Houston and Dallas (KSSR, KLOL, KEGL).  Moby then moved to Atlanta and WKHX, where he proceeded to win a major morning battle in the Country format and enjoy success for the next decade.  Moby is the recipient of numerous national Air Personality awards, including winning Billboard's Major Market Country Morning Show of the Year five times.  He formed his own syndication company in 2004 and continues today to be heard on Country stations around the nation.

Eddie Stubbs –
Celebrated air personality Eddie Stubbs has been the longest tenured evening host on Nashville’s legendary 650AM WSM since the station went to an all Country format in 1979.  He is recognized nationally as the announcer of the Grand Ole Opry, a position he has held for more than 16 years.  He also serves as the on camera announcer for the Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV and serves on the CMA and IBMA committees.  He won the CMA Large Market Broadcast Personality of the Year award in 2002.  Stubbs is well respected among his peers for his vast knowledge of the history of Country music.

Bill Whyte –
Bill started his career as a teenager on KCPR, “Kow Pasture Country Radio,” in Missouri.  His career spans successes at WUBE, WMIL, WSM-FM and WFMS.  He has won multiple national Air Personality awards, hosted syndicated shows, and is also a singer-songwriter. He has won numerous broadcast awards including the CMA Award for Best Large Market Personality.  He's been nominated for a CMA Award twice and won an AIR Award for best new Morning Show in Nashville.

About Country Radio Seminar:
Country Radio Seminar is an annual convention designed to educate and promote the exchange of ideas and business practices in the Country music industry, with specific emphasis on issues relevant to Country radio.  CRS 2012 will be held Feb. 22-24, 2012, in downtown Nashville, Tenn., at the Nashville Convention Center.  Visit for more information.  Country Radio Seminar is a property of Country Radio Broadcasters.  Connect with CRS via Twitter or on Facebook

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Posted by Mike Weller on
Congratulations Eddie! My name is Mike Weller and I am a part-time broadcaster in Hagerstown, MD. I have followed you since you began on WYII in Williamsport, MD; served with the Johnson Mountain Boys; and broadcasted on WSM. Your professionalism and humble demeanor are an inspiration to every broadcaster. The world of country and bluegrass music is a better place because of you (and WSM). Thanks for everything you do and the well-deserving acknowledgements you give to those in the industry. You will always be the REAL DEAL.
Posted by Larry L Stout on
Congratulations, Eddie!! Well deserved! Keep up the good work! You are the BEST thing on radio ... anywhere!!!
Posted by David McCormick on
My dear friend, CONGRATULATIONS upon your induction into the Country Music Radio Hall of Fame. From the staff of Ernest Tubb Record Shops & the Midnite Jamboree, WSM's longest running advertiser, we're so proud of this milestone in your life. Your contribution in keeping the torch of traditional country music alive and well has blessed millions of listners world-wide. This wonderful recognition is more than well deserved and long overdue.

David McCormick, Prop.
Posted by Lance Martin on
A well deserved honor for Mr. Stubbs. It's always a great day when a humble yet exceptional talent like Eddie Stubbs is recognized for his contribution to something that can actually affect our culture in a positive way.
Posted by Bruce Wilson on
T Thanks, Eddie, for for your constant support and sharing of endless knowledge of the wonderful world of Traditional Country Music !!! Hoping to hear you on the air for many years to come!! May God Bless You !!!
Posted by DEAN REHARD on
Hi Eddie,
That fresh air approach you bring to the airwaves each and every show is very much
appreciated by the true fans of country music. I love those live interviews you
have been doing over the many many years. Your visit with Ray Price a few nights ago
was great.I feel as if I have grown up with you, starting back at WAMU. Please keep
that Chubby Wise story alive.
Congratulations on your induction into the Hall of Fame, and I'm wishing you many
years of continued stardom.
Sincerely, Dean Rehard San Diego,Ca. 29D7
Posted by Lewis Story on
Not too shabby for an ol' moldy fig. I'm sure Bakersfield Blevins will be just as proud when he hears the news. Way to go, Eddie. I'm proud to know you & just as proud of the recognition. Well deserved. Wondered how long it would take. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Vernon McCarty on
So proud of you Eddie,I knew it come to this. Your induction is well deserved All the best from Vernon here in Choctaw OK
Posted by Jimmy on
Congratulations Eddie!!

I listen from Meridian, MS every chance I get--on line in the house, and now,as the weather turns colder, in the car when the conditions are right...I'm so thankful to be able to listen to a "live,local" DJ instead of all this satellite garbage that poses as "radio".

As a former small market country Bill Anderson's song so aptly tells is so good to hear someone that still plays "records" instead of the computer generated stuff...the '78's are fantastic...frying bacon and all!!!

Congratulations again...keep up the good work!!!
Posted by Dave Crocker on
Congratulations Eddie..It was a sad day here in Maryland when you finally pulled up stakes and moved to Nashville..Your dedication to Traditional Country Music and the History of it reminds me so much of the late Grant Turner.. Dave Crocker, Clinton, MD..
Posted by Tom & Mary O'Toole on
Congratulations to Eddie Stubbs from your home town of Gaithersburg, MD. Since the first time we heard you play the violin at the Junior High School through your playing with the Johnson Mountain Boys to your broadcasting at WAMU and then WSM and your work at the Opry we have witnessed and appreciated your talent and your "down-home" manner. It's nice to know that good guys do win.
Posted by kenny blair on
I listen to your way back wed program,and I also have a program on WKDO in Liberty,Ky that I also play nothing but that classic country.I told Bill Cody that music and dj like you and him are the best.Bill and I worked at WLBN AM in Lebanon,Ky back in the 70.I went in the Army and stayed 30 years and now for the last ten years I've been back in radio.I hope someday to visit you at WSM in Nashville,that's on my bucket list.congratulations Eddie you are the best.
Posted by Nat Hill IV on
I hope Eddie understands how much joy he brings to those of us who understand what real country music should be about.
Keep up the good work, Eddie, and congratulations.
Posted by NoelleSEARS on
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Posted by Jim and Randa on
Home town boy makes good ! What a great American success story for a great guy and true American Country Music. We have enjoyed your music from the Johnson Mountain Boys at the Schoolhouse, the barn one night at the Montgomery County Fairground, Classic Country on Sunday afternoon on WAMU (never missed it) listening to the night time signal on WSM...and now on-line. You always made time to chat to us and your other listeners, as you were very approachable no matter how busy at the moment. Here's wishing for you to have many, many more years on WSM and in Country and Bluegrass music.
Sincerely, Jim and Randa (30 years in Gaithersburg, MD)
Posted by Joe Boucher on
Congrats Eddie...I was thinking about you the other day and the times back at Big K radio in Warrenton Virginia....So proud of all that you have done.
Posted by JoStanley on
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Posted by Joan Waters Brauning on
Eddie, congratulations again from your friends here in Montgomery County - we are so proud of you and can say ditto to all the accolades above - love to hear you on car radio when weather is good and now also on line - take care - hope to see you when you are up this way - Congratulations!!!!
Posted by Chuck and Phyllis Upperman on
We wanted to add our congratulations on this milestone, and if "Aunt Mable" McInnis were still with us, she would certainly be proud of you. We listen online when we can and enjoy all the great music you play and the knowledge you share. Up here in Virginia we still enjoy the bluegrass at Lucketts and always remember those great Johnson Mountain Boys performances. Wow, just look at you now! A great accomplishment!
Posted by Sam on
The "Listen Live Tag" prevents me from reading the page. It appears on the top left corner and evertything it covers cannot be read. Whats up with this?..
Posted by Shannon Burns on
Congratulations Mr. Stubbs, a much deserved recognituon for hard work, devotion, and reverence to God and REAL country music, God bless you, you will always be #1 with us, Country Music should be proud of you, I know it is much better now.
Posted by Bruce Wilson on
Congratulations, Eddie!!!!!! There is not one more deserving of this great honor than you !!!!!! God willing, may you continue to carry the flag for REAL country music for many years to come !!!!!!!
Posted by TabithaGAMBLE on
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