Joe Limardi

Most of you know Joe as the host of what we call “WSM @ Work”, the shift that falls between Bill Cody and Mike Terry.  Joe's primary interaction with listeners is his most favorite hour of the day, “The Classic Café”.  The all-request lunch hour draws listeners from virtually all over the world through  The hour is all about WSM listeners and their tastes in music. The job you may not be aware of is that of Program Director at WSM.  The daily presentation and sound of the radio station falls into Joe's hands. Whether it's hearing a guest artist host their own show each weekday, a new live radio show from one of Nashville's historic music venues, or the Americana music that has added more variety to the WSM sound, it all falls to Joe.  The job has its challenges but the rewards far outweigh those challenges.  Joe knows that he is one of the most fortunate programmers in the radio business.

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