teea goans

Teea was raised on the sounds of WSM in Lowry City, Missouri.  Every Saturday night, she was glued to the radio listening to the Grand Ole Opry.  She was such a fan, that in the 4th grade, Teea chose WSM and the Opry as the topic for a class project.  It was no surprise that after she moved to Nashville in 2003, Teea found herself working in the WSM Promotions Department.  In 2007, Teea began producing the "Opry Warm-Up Show with Keith Bilbrey" and this allowed her to live a dream by being part of the backstage scene at the Opry.  Teea became the host of WSM's "Inside the Opry Circle" in 2008 and gives listeners an "all access" pass to the Grand Ole Opry with backstage interviews, Opry news, and the traditional country music WSM was built on.

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